The Jantz Farms are located near Copeland, Kansas in Gray and Haskell Counties and situated just 38 miles west of Dodge City and 43 miles southeast of Garden City, Kansas. The farms will be offered in 17 tracts ranging from 1.69 acres m/l to 480.40 acres m/l via three consecutive multi-parcel auctions. The tracts can be purchased individually or any combination. Tracts 1 through 9 will be offered in the first multi-parcel auction. Immediately followed by Tracts 10 through 14, then Tracts 15 and 16. Tract 17 will be offered separately at the conclusion of the multi-parcel auctions as a single tract.

Jantz Farms is comprised of 2,990.09 acres m/l of which FSA certifies 2,781.29 acres m/l as tillable with 458.17 acres m/l enrolled in CRP that have annual payments totaling over $20,841. Primary soils include the highly productive Richfield and Uly silt loam. The Jantz family has built extensive water rights over the years which authorize approximately 2,603 acres m/l to be irrigated through 18 well-maintained pivots.

The Jantz Farm has numerous improvements including a large acreage with a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home; a farm headquarters that includes approximately 150,000-bushels of grain storage with multiple large machine sheds; and a 273,000-bushel grain storage facility conveniently located along US Highway 56. The entire farm is conveniently located near US Highway 56 with quick access to multiple grain marketing options including ethanol plants, cattle feedlots, and dairies.

*The growing crop will be included in the sale! For more information, please visit the data room at or contact the listing agents.

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Tract 1: 158.10 Acres M/L

Tract 2: 159.80 Acres M/L

Tract 3: 471.10 Acres M/L

Tract 4: 159 Acres M/L

Tract 5: 157.30 Acres M/L

Tract 6: 296.69 Acres M/L

Tract 7: 155.30 Acres M/L

Tract 8: 159 Acres M/L

Tract 9: 18.46 Acres M/L

Tract 10: 158.50 Acres M/L

Tract 11: 162.40 Acres M/L

Tract 12: 148.93 Acres M/L

Tract 13: 138.90 Acres M/L

Tract 14: 7.59 Acres M/L

Tract 15: 157.20 Acres M/L

Tract 16: 480.40 Acres M/L

Tract 17: 1.69 Acres M/L

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Jantz Farms

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Jantz Farms

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